Monday, October 11, 2010

Songs I Have Loved : A time for us Romeo and Juliet 1968

I Love U ....Love is Life...Love is God !!

As the journey passes and gets with the life reminds me ohh! time left is too less with you..
What an irony it was yesterday we met its been ages we parted..
Handful days but millions of dreams has to turn true...
Handful days but millions of happiness to be felt..
Handful day but million of stars has to sparkle in the palm..
Handful days millions of memories to be shared...
Please God i don't beg you to give me millions years of life...
God please bless me one day from my life..
true love just needs one glance to express those millions desires..
When u truly love somebody even your dead body speaks...

This poem has been written by my friend.I love this poem very much.In this poem the depth of love like depth of see...u can feel the deep fragrance of love...which give the wings of pleasure of joy and happiness...Love give the meaning of life...I hope u will love this poem