Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Devesh's Interview with CNN IBN Channel !

At around 2.00 pm on 22 jun a mesage came on my cell "Hi Devesh, I'm from the news channel CNN IBN. I found Your blog DevPalmistry Online and would like to get an interview. Thank you !". AftIer this mesage a call came from the same number and a girl was talking to me she told me that Hi devesh , i m pallvi , i m from CNN IBN news channel and i want to take ur interview , can u come to my office in Noida and i said sorry mam i m not able to come ur office because there is work in my office then she told can we come at ur home i said yes , u can come , ur most welcome. And around 7.30 pm Pallvi and her team came at my room and take and interview over my Palmistry Blog , Palmistry and Poetry.

An Interview of Mr Devesh Kr. Mishra (Software Engineer and Noted Palm Reader) with CNN IBN News Channel over Palmistry and Writing in Hindi blog.Its a passion for me and since my childhood, i am doing research on the Ancient Science "PALMISTRY". Its a science to serve humanity.Its a science to improve future in a better way . The lines of palm tells everything about the personality, the psychology, future and lots of other things about that person. It does not mean that lines of palm never changes, it changes according to positions of various palates and there degree of energy effect on a particular person which triggers the physiology , psychology , other body functions and harmony of the vital force,which are the mother and causative factors of external expression of lines of palm.
Devesh and Pallavi Paul(CNN News Reporter)Showing Palmistry Article to Pallavi
CNN IBN News Channel Team MemberMe and my Friend with CNN IBN Team